Arial route above Pirpanjals

In the late autumn I planned a holiday to experience the natural biosphere of Kashmir valley. I packed my travel kit and landed in Srinagar by 15th of October last year. The ascent to the valley was by tortuous road negotiating the steep ravines of Pirpanjals. It was a nature's delight the stay was planned for a fortnight to experience the transition of fall to winter of the valley. I got lucky to experience a early snowfall by 6 th of November. In a span of 8 hours the valley was snow clad up to 3 feet height of snow even in the heart of valley. the sight was really princely pristine.

On my return journey i decided to witness the exquisite awe of the pipanjal range. I booked a business class in the star alliance fleet and ensured a window seat. My travel date was sandwiched between cloudy days devoid of sunlight but to my luck the sun shone at about nine in the morning giving a shiny bright day for a travelers delight. I boarded the flight around noon and in a couple of minutes the flight took off ascending over the mighty Pirpanjals. I was curious to witness the arial route over the majestic snow ornamented mountains.

The Pirpanjals or the Panchaldeva in Hindu scriptures is a group of mountains in the inner Himalayas running from south east to northwest direction in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. the average elevation is from 2000 to 4000 metres above the sea level. Pirpanjal is the largest range of the lesser Himalayas. It separates itself from the Himalayas near sutlej and divides the rivers Beas and Ravi on one side and Chenab on the other. the Arial route taken by me was along the flight path from Srinagar towards Jammu crossing the Pirpanjal from a north western to south east direction the flight was travelling around 25000 feet to witness the classic beauty of this mighty Pir Panjals.

I had an opportunity to record the arial beauty of the ranges through my iphone 6S.

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